Hello NFT’s enthusiasts! Thank you very much for your interest in « Cute space chihuahua dog No.1« . You’ll find here more info about him!

First let me introduce myself. My name is Audrey, I’m 37 and I live in Paris, France. I’m a painter and I only paint chihuahuas. I’ve painted more than 1550 and my goal is to paint 10000 of them in my lifetime! I hope that maybe, when I’m 70, I’ll be famously known as the crazy old lady who painted chihuahuas all of her life and that my paintings value will increase and make my worldwide collectors rich! 😀

I love to paint chihuahuas from space on paper or canvas. After learning about NFTs, I’ve decided to try to make a digital one to sell on Opensea. I hope you will like it! (And invest in it!! 😉 )

The video of the creation of « Cute space chihuahua dog No.1 »

« Cute space chihuahua dog No.1 » was created in Procreate on September 11th, 2021. You can watch all the steps in the video below!

The original drawing and search for a name

I wasn’t too sure about the name and I’m still hoping I made the good choice!

Thank you for your attention! Have a great day! 🙂